Nurturing Diversity of Strengths: The Fish, the Tree, and the DISC Personality Insights

beautiful fishOnce upon a time, a wise and kind teacher taught a class of animals in a school in the forest in a school in the forest. This class had all sorts of creatures – birds, fish, monkeys, elephants, and more.

One day, the teacher decided to give the students an unusual test. The teacher placed a tree trunk in the middle of the classroom and said, “Your task is to climb this tree. Show me how high you can go.”

The monkey was the first to eagerly jump onto the tree, climbing up effortlessly with its nimble limbs. The bird followed, flying up and perching on a high branch. The squirrel also joined in, scampering up the tree trunk.

However, the fish hesitated, feeling out of place. It looked at the tree and then back at the teacher, unsure what to do.

The teacher noticed the fish’s hesitation and approached it gently. “Why aren’t you climbing the tree?” the teacher asked.

The fish replied, “I can’t climb that tree. I’m a fish, and climbing trees isn’t something I’m built for.”

The teacher smiled and said, “You’re right. Each of you has different strengths and abilities. The monkey can climb, the bird can fly, and the squirrel can jump. And you, my dear fish, are extraordinary in your element – water. Don’t judge your abilities based on the abilities of others. Embrace and showcase your unique talents.”

From that day on, the fish felt a sense of relief and understood that it didn’t need to measure itself against the standards of others. The teacher’s lesson stayed with the animals, reminding them of their strengths that should be celebrated and recognized.


And so, the story of the fish trying to climb a tree symbolized the importance of acknowledging and valuing individual differences and talents rather than expecting everyone to fit into the same template.

Moving forward from the insightful parable of the fish struggling to climb a tree, we arrive at a crucial point: the significance of self-awareness and the dangers of harbouring unrealistic expectations. Just as no one should expect the fish to conquer the tree, we must avoid burdening ourselves with aspirations that do not align with our inherent strengths and abilities. This metaphor becomes the foundation for understanding why knowing ourselves well and managing expectations are essential life lessons.

It’s important to remember that each of us possesses unique strengths and talents, and there’s no such thing as a “wrong” strength. I’ve recently embarked on a journey that led me to become a certified Human Behaviour Consultant using the DISC assessment – a tool that sheds light on individual strengths and behaviour.

Before we dive deeper into the magical realm of DISC and uncover the secret sauce behind it all, buckle up! We’re about to reveal the inner workings of this personality assessment.


A mix of four temperaments creates your unique style.

Picture this: We’re all like funky cars with two engines under the hood – the internal and external engines. Yep, it’s like we’re rocking double engines of awesomeness!


First off, we’ve got the “Internal” engine revving up – it’s all about the pace, baby. Are you a zippy race car or a chill cruiser? This trait is like your personal motor, determining if you’re outgoing or reserved. Think of it as the speedometer of your personality. Some folks are like a sports car, zooming through life with excitement and energy, while others are like a laid-back camper, taking things slow and steady. But hold onto your hats, ’cause the motor can shift gears even within one person. You might usually be the life of the party, but some days, you just wanna cozy up with a book. And that’s totally cool, too!

So, if you’re a speedster chatting with a Sunday driver, remember to ease off the gas a bit and enjoy the scenery. And if you’re the leisurely explorer in a convo with a race car, maybe give those brakes a little tap and catch up. It’s like adjusting the cruise control on the personality highway!



Now, let’s rev up the “External” engine – this one’s all about where you aim your focus. Are you a taskmaster, all about getting things done? Or are you a people whisperer, tuning into the human vibes around you? It’s like having a GPS for your interactions. Some peeps are like project managers, checking off tasks left and right, while others are like party planners, making sure everyone’s having a good time.

But guess what? You can be a combo platter! Even if you’re reserved, you can also be people-oriented. You’re like that stealthy ninja who’s great at tasks and can also throw the best karaoke party in town.

Remember, outgoing folks are like decision-making dynamos, while reserved ones are like the steady rocks of the group. And hey, there’s no winner in this race – each type has superhero powers.

Everyone’s temperament results from a unique mix of all four personalities. So, now you’re probably thinking, “How does my personality mix fit into the DISC puzzle, and how do I make sense of what it says about me?”


Our strengths are diverse, and the DISC personality profile helps us recognize and harness them for personal and professional success. The acronym DISC represents four key behavioural styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. This model, rooted in a theory formulated in 1928 by physiological psychologist William Moulton Marston, provides insights into how we interact with others based on these personality traits.

First up, we’ve got “D” for Dominance – the ultimate boss babe or dude. They’re like the superheroes of control and power, charging through challenges like a champ. Confident? Check. Outspoken? Double check. Decisive? You betcha. These folks are like the ship’s captains, steering it with a fierce determination that’s as impressive as a tightrope walker in a hurricane. They like to ask, “WHAT?”

Now let’s shimmy over to “I” for Influence – the social butterflies of the crew. Picture them as the life of the party, workingDISC the room like a pro. They have the gift of gab and can charm the socks off anyone. Optimism is practically oozing from their pores, and they’re as energetic as a puppy on caffeine. Trust is their middle name, and they’re always up for a good time, just like that friend who’s always dragging you to karaoke night. They like to ask, “WHO?”

Time to groove on down to “S” for Steadiness – the chill folks who radiate zen vibes. They’re like the gurus of patience and thoughtfulness, meditating their way through the chaos. Cooperation is their jam, and sincerity is their secret sauce. Imagine them as the ones who always have a spare tissue in their pocket and never lose their cool, even during a pop quiz in a sauna. They like to ask, “HOW?”

Finally, let’s boogie to “C” for Conscientiousness – the detail-oriented maestros of organization. Think of them as the architects of order in the wild carnival of life. Quality is their love language, and precision is their middle name. They’re the ones who colour-code their sock drawer and alphabetize their spice rack. Independence is their jam, and they’re as meticulous as a squirrel counting its acorns. They like to ask, “WHY?”

Disco ball

In this wild disco of the DISC, we’re like funky characters on the dance floor, busting out moves from these four groovy personas. Just like a DJ mixes tracks, employers use DISC to create killer teams and decode communication mysteries. Remember, there’s no top dog here – each flavour is like a star in its constellation. So grab your personality shades and let your true colours shine, ’cause life’s a party, and you’re the VIP!

So, my groovy pals, embrace your unique blend of personalized goodness. We’re all just disco balls, reflecting different lights and vibes. So go ahead, shine on, you wild and wonderful gem!

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Joanne Savoie-Malone

Bilingual Career & Transition Coach

Certified Human Behaviour Consultant

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